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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Postal Corporation of Jamaica Goes Mobile - How Mobile Postal Offices might incorporate Autonomous Drone Delivery

The Postal Corporation of Jamaica finally seem set to step forward into the 21st Century. Along with those changes will be some job cuts.

This as Minister of Science, Technology Energy and Mining Phillip Paulwell has announced that the Postal Corporation of Jamaica's aka the Post Offices are going Mobile in a bid to reduce losses by the State run entity as noted in the article “Post Offices Going Mobile- Government Embarks On Pilot As Postal Services Become Uneconomic”, Published Tuesday March 3, 2015, Darion Luton, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Part of Minister Phillip Paulwell's plan is to purchase two (2) Mobile Postal Services costing some JA$32.6 million in a guinea pig trial run in the Rural Areas, where Post Offices have been closed due to lack of usage. This will enable the Postal Corporation of Jamaica to expand their reach into the very rural part of Jamaica without investing in fixed infrastructure that needs constant maintenance.

There are also plans to introduce Money Transfer Services in the First Quarter of 2015 as well as the introduction of the ZIP Mail Service in thirty nine (39) additional locations across the island.

Postal Corporation of Jamaica goes Mobile - How Mobile Postal Offices might incorporate Autonomous Drone Delivery

This as the Postal Corporation of Jamaica needs to increase their revenue intake by becoming more efficient to reduce losses.


Yes, and they are considerable, due mainly to the fact that Jamaican hardly use the Service anymore even as their operating Expenses are on the rise:

1.      JA$57 million in operating expenses in 2012-2013
2.      JA$90.5 million in operating expenses in 2014-2015
3.      JA$149.5 million in operating expenses projected for 2015-2016

Meanwhile Net Profit from the Postal Agency has been falling:

1.      JA$34.2 million Net Profit in 2013-2014
2.      JA$11.7 million Net Profit in 2014-2015
3.      JA$10 million Net Profit projected for in 2015-2016

Due to its lacklustre performance given the amount of money that the GOJ (Government of Jamaica) is lavishing on the Postal Service, the 2015-2016 Budget has been reduced and allocations have been made.

Hopefully, somewhere in that expenditure will be an investment in as Drone Delivery Service for Packages similar to that being done by DHL in Germany as described in my blog article entitled “DHL Parcelcopters make deliveries to Juist off Germany’s coast – Why Progress of Drones in West slower than in the East for same-day delivery” as this sounds somewhat wasteful.

Autonomous Drones can fly over large swathes of Jamaican terrain and deliver packages to remote locations where even the Mobile Vehicle and even delivery Motorcycles and Bicycle cannot go. Best of all, they can guarantee same day delivery.

If there are plans afoot to test Drones for the Police in St. James, Trelawny under the Eye in the Sky Project as noted in my blog article entitled “Eye in the Sky Project in Montego Bay – How Drones reduce Crime in St James in 6 months as NAITS Initiative gets Rebooted” then why not for the Postal Corporation of Jamaica Post Offices?

Certainly will add the Zip in Zip Mail!!!

Here’s the link:

@BlackBerry launches Blackberry Leap at MWC - Blackberry's latest Touchscreen Leap seeking Profits as Slider Beckons

Blackberry has leapt back into the touchscreen game, based on their recently launched offering at the MWC (Mobile World Conference) in Barcelona, Spain on Tuesday March 3rd 2015!

They've launched the Blackberry Leap, their first fully Touchscreen smartphone that's NOT sporting their trademark physical Keyboard as reported in the article “Blackberry outs touchscreen Leap, teases slider Blackberry”, published March 3, 2015 12:36 AM PST, by Roger Cheng, CNET News.

Their previously launched smartphones, including the Blackberry Classic that made a splash on AT&T on Friday February 20th 2015 as reported in my blog article entitled “US$649.99 Blackberry Passport and US$419.99 Blackberry Classic - Why Americans are ready to fall in love with Blackberry” were all smartphones with this physical keyboard.

In addition to the Blackberry Leap, which will go live in Europe in April 2015 for US$275 on a two year contract, the company also teased an unknown Blackberry model with a slide out keyboard. Blackberry plans to release a second Blackberry Porsche and possibly another Blackberry Classic.

To list them out, they are an impressive lineup all launched in 2014, albeit none of them are a hit:

1.      Blackberry Classic
2.      Blackberry Passport
3.      Blackberry Porsche
4.      Blackberry Z3

So why is Blackberry so adamant for a hit in the smartphone game despite seeing continuous success in the Corporate world with their Blackberry BES 12 for secure Cloud Computing as noted in my Geezam blog article entitled “AnyConnect for Samsung Knox is a Cisco Systems partnership for Secure VPN Communications”.

Because every penny counts to the still recovering Blackberry!

Blackberry Leap - Specs of Blackberry's latest Leap into Touchscreen seeking Profits

Blackberry desperately needs a hit, being as smartphones account a full 3/4 of their Profits from the sale of their smartphones.

The 5" smartphones looks like the Blackberry Z3 but without the keyboard as noted in the article “Blackberry unveils all-touch five-inch Leap”, published March 3, 2015 By Liam Tung, ZDNet.

It runs on Blackberry OS 10.3.1 and the 5" display has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixel resolution (294 pixels per inch). The Blackberry Leap is powered by Qualcomm's MSM 8960 Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz processor that's supported by 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal of storage and 128GB microSD Card support.

This, interestingly, is the same processor used by the Blackberry Z3 as noted in the article “Blackberry Leap release date price, specifications: new budget smartphone is aimed at young professionals”, published 03 March 15 By Jim Martin, PC Advisor.

At last it ready for the selfie trend, as its got a 2 Megapixel Front facing Camera and a 8 megapixel Rear facing camera. All this is wrapped up in a delicious black candybar shape with 4G LTE Internet support and a 2800mAh non-removable battery for about twenty five (25) hours worth of battery life..

Blackberry Needs a Hit with the Leap – Leap of Faith as unknown Slider coming

You’ll still be tethered to your charger, depending on your usage of the Blackberry Leap which gets about 25 hours on a single charge. So prepare to be somewhat underwhelmed by the lack of performance. Still, that’s rather nice that they provided 128GB microSD Card support, as Cloud Internet Storage isn't always reliable.

So yes, Blackberry really needs a hit, albeit based on the specs of the Blackberry Leap, there is nothing exciting that sets it apart from the competition in the same price range. But the concept of a Slider, which also made a showing at MWC 2015!

Blackberry’s  sales have basically been falling off a cliff according to stats from Analyst Gartner as noted in the article “Blackberry unveils Leap with no physical keyboard at MWC”, published 3 March 2015, BBC News.

According to Analyst Gartner, their Smartphone sales have been falling since 2011:

  1. 51.5 million handsets in 2011
  2. 18.6 million handsets in 2013
  3. 7.9 million handsets in 2014
Another analyst, eMarketer, expects UK sales to drop to 700,000 from the lofty high of some 2.5 million units in 2013. So with more Smartphone coming later in 2015, will these smartphones being launched at MWC (Mobile World Conference) in Barcelona, Spain marks a turnaround for the company? We’ll just have to wait until the summer of 2015 to find out! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Singaporean Timbre Group uses @InfiniumRobotic Drones as Waiters – Why Labour Shortage in Singapore means Robot Waiters are coming

Well, it seems that my prediction of Robots taking over the work of Restaurant workers as predicted in my blog article entitled “Fast Food Robot taking over by 2017 - How Drones like Amazon and PrimeAir and not Humanoid Robots will be the first Robots by 2015” didn’t take long.

I’m of course referring to the news that a Singaporean Restaurant Group Timbre has begun to use Drone from Infinium Robotics as Waiters as reported in the article “Drone waiters are ready to serve in Singapore”, published February 17, 2015 3:49 AM PST by Hongzuo Liu, CNET News.

Here’s a video of the Infinium Robotics  Drones in action!

To some this may seem to be a gimmick, stating that it lacks the human touch based on the comments of a director of a NGO Stacey Choe, a local Singaporean Foodie with a penchant for Singaporean food, quote: “It provides efficiency especially at bigger establishments. So it could well be the future. I would be keen to try it, it's a novelty - but it's something that's not very attractive in the long run. I just think service needs to feel personal”.

So is it a gimmick or is this a solution to a problem and the start of something bigger?

Singaporean Timbre Group uses Infineon Drones as Waiters – Why Labour Shortage in Singapore means Robots are coming

To this end, the Timbre Group had begun using Infinium Robotics drones in a bid to counter this labour shortage as noted in the article “Drone waiters to plug Singapore's service staff gap”, published 8 February 2015 By Tessa Wong, BBC News.

The Timbre Group, which owns a chain of restaurants in Singapore, is facing a huge staff in the Food and Beverage industry. This is due to the fact that the majority of Singaporeans refuse to be seen working in low paying Jobs in the industry which in their society equates to being in a lower social bracket.

With the Singaporean government placing curbs on the importation of cheap foreign labour, many restaurants have actually closed due to the labour shortage in an industry that needs about 7,000 people, according to Singaporean Labour Ministry statistics on job vacancies.

These drones can carry up to 2kg (4.4lbs) of food and drink at Timbre, which translates to about two (2) pints of beer, a pizza, and two glasses of wine. The drones, which are fully autonomous, fly on preset pathways through the restaurant at chest level, navigating obstacles thanks to a bristling array of infrared sensor that allow them to avoid collisions.

Drones are technically Flying Robots. If a labour shortage continues, will this be the future of Fast Food in Singapore?

More interestingly, due to the ability to reduce the amount of money spend on salaries, will Fast Food restaurants in First World Countries such as Britain and American follow suit, now that the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) has laid out Drone Regulations since Sunday February 15th 2015as noted in my blog article entitled “FAA's Regulations for Drones - How UAS Benefit American Economy despite Restrictive FAA Regulations by 2016”?

More as the Drones take away our jobs as the first Tree Fall in the Forest of Cheap Fast Food Labour once populated by Humans...... Timbre!!

Infinium Robotics Twitter Handle: @InfiniumRobotic

Monday, March 2, 2015

@televisionjam throws up a Paywall - 1,000,000 Views at US$9.99 per month makes website profitable protecting Content

Television Jamaica is yet to launched TVJ Everywhere as I'd predicted back in September 2014 as stated in my blog article entitled “RJR Communications Group Launching TVJ Everywhere - How Streaming TVJ Everywhere will boost Advertising Revenue as Digicel and LIME TV coming but a huge change is coming nonetheless”.

Television Jamaica's live streaming on their website will end on Tuesday March 31st 2015 as can be seen from the screenshot below that surprised my this Monday March 2nd 2014.

Instead, if you're a Laptop or Desktop user like myself, you'll have to sign up for an account on 1Spotmedia's Website so that you can log in and stream Television Jamaica's content. I suspect the same may also go for access to their Archived Content, as they've imposed a paywall of US$9.99 for Americans and other non-Jamaicans to stream their content.

I can already start hearing the howls of disappointment for many abroad as other Major Networks such as CBS and most recently NBC News in December 2014 as stated in my blog article entitled “NBC Universal NBC Live Streaming Service - How TV Everywhere is American Streaming TV's Future as Comcast steps into 21st Century” have begun either putting up paywalls or Ad subsidized Streaming.

This was expected, as advertising cannot pay for the cost of content as I'll explain below.

Television Jamaica throws up a Paywall - Monetization of Traffic as viewers can steal their Content

If this seems familiar, it should be.

The US$9.99 is the same monthly charge being proffered to Jamaican and Internationals by the Jamaica Gleaner who had launch their paywall on Thursday December 2nd 2013 as stated in my blog article entitled “The Jamaica Gleaner’s US$9.99 Paywall goes live on Thursday January 2nd 2014 - News is no longer free as Tomorrow Never Dies for The Paper Man”.

Back then I’d predicted doom and Gloom on this idea, stating that many Jamaican would switch to the Jamaica Observer, even as the possibility lingered that they too might also be tempted to go the paywall route as predicted in my blog article entitled “The Jamaica Gleaner Paywall and the Jamaica Observer makeover - Affiliate Advertising and Sponsored Articles coming to My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica”.

Alas that never happened and I still needed to do my article based on The Jamaica Gleaner's own as sources.

So aside from switch somewhat to the Jamaica Observer, I eventually developed a way to breach their Paywall using Google Chrome and a good Cookie cleaner as explained in my blog article entitled “How to get around The Jamaica Gleaner Content Paywall using Google Chrome or PDFCreator - Google Web Inspector is That Awkward Moment when The Monuments Men Break down the Paywall”.

This works mainly on Desktop and Laptop computers but not on smartphones or Tablets; still working on that solution!

Television Jamaica monetizing Traffic – 1,000,000 Views monthly covers cost and make website profitable

This Television Jamaica Paywall came as no surprise. With their Traffic level growing, especially from International tuning in for Smile Jamaica, they have to cover the expense of their website Hosting. Most likely, they've hit some 1,000,000 views per month, so a Paywall would generate enough revenue to cover their expenses without too much of a backlash.

In addition, as it stands, people can download videos from their website using Internet Download Manager as explained in my blog article entitled “UWI's planning to increase all Tuition by 5.5% come the new Academic Year 2013-2014 - How to Download ANY Video, including Facebook Videos, Convert and Free Video Hosting Online”.

Once Television Jamaica migrates their content to 1Spotmedia, their VOD (Video on Demand), then they'd not only reduce Internet video Piracy but also make Revenue from the increase traffic that's undoubtedly increasing monthly on their popular Website.

Here’s the link:

US$50 Astropad App - How @astropadapp turns any Apple iPhone or iPad into a Graphic Artiste's Drawing Palette

If you’ve read my MICO Wars article entitled “How Remote Mouse can make your Smartphone or Tablet into a Graphic Artiste’s Palette”, you may have noticed that I hinted at the possibility that a graphic artiste can use the Remote Mouse App to turn their Tablet into a touchpad for drawing.

That’s not quite accurate.

While it CAN do that, you'd still have to be looking at the screen in order to do any accurate work, as the Remote Mouse App merely turns your Apple iPhones, Google Android smartphones or Tablets into an optical Trackpad. Effectively, this is a fancy replacement for your Optical Trackpad on your Laptop or even an additional optical Trackpad to your Desktop computer, really.

But what if you're a Graphic Artiste, you have an Apple iMac or a Macbook Pro computer and you want to use your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad to not only control the mouse but also see your Apple iMac or a Macbook Pro screen and do creative work?

Then you'll need to download the free Astropad App made by two (2) former Apple Engineers that turns your Apple iPad or Apple iPhone into a Drawing palette as noted in the article “This app turns your iPad into a sketch board for your Mac”, published February 18, 2015 By Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge.

US$50 Astropad App - How to turn any Apple iPhone or Apple iPad into a Graphic Artiste's Drawing Palette

Like the Remote Mouse, the Astropad App, which was launched on Tuesday February 17th 2015, allows you to control the mouse on your computer by synching with an Astropad App Server application that you have to install on your Apple iMac or Apple Macbook.

Also, like the Remote Mouse, both your Apple iMac or Apple Macbook and the Apple iPad or Apple iPhone have to be on the same Wi-Fi Network, otherwise you'll have to tether it to your Apple iMac or Apple Macbook using a USB cable.

However, unlike Remote Mouse, their business model is different; you have to pay US$50 to purchase the Astropad App Server Application for Mac in order to use this product.

So dear reader, you've been warned; this is not a freebie as you'll have to use your Scotia VISA Debit Card or CIBC First Caribbean VISA Debit Card to purchase this necessary app. Here is a demo video of the Astropad App in case you have doubts.

Other than that, this is an excellent bit of software that supports iOS 8 and OS X Mavericks 10.9 as noted in the article “Turn your iPad into a professional drawing tablet with Astropad”, published February 19, 2015 By Cody Brooks, DigitalTrends.

US$50 Astropad App – How to get LIQUID work using Apple iPhone or Apple iPad

Based on a Technology called LIQUID that reduces the lag time between your Apple iMac or Apple Macbook and the Apple iPad or Apple iPhone to within 12ms, good enough to do HD Quality graphics work or video at 60fps.

However, to really get good quality work out of your Tablet, you'll need to get a stylus as recommended in the article “Astropad turns your iPad into a graphics tablet for your Mac”, published Feb. 18, 2015 by Kevin C. Tofel, Gigaom.

Even better, you can make your own Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus as explained in my Geezam blog article entitled “How to make a Stylus for your Apple iPad or Capacitive-Touch Device”.

Astropad App also uses ARM assembly code, thereby maximizing on the battery life, albeit I must again complain that I'd have preferred Bluetooth, as the Wi-Fi will sap the Battery strength anyway, making the USB tether look awfully tempting.

That US$50 for the Astropad App Server Application for Mac might be a deal breaker. 

But if you go directly to the Astropad App Developer's Website and you're a College Student, you can try it on a seven (7) day trial period. After that you'll only pay US$20 to basically avoid buying an expensive US$35 Wacom Bamboo Pad just to do the same thing your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad can do.

Here's the link:

Astropad App Twitter handle: @astropadapp

Sunday, March 1, 2015

@Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015 - How @samsung Gear VR is Gearing up for Competition in the VR and AR Space

Developers, do you think you have what it takes to make the next big Game or App for the Samsung Gear VR?

Then how does a Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015 hosted by Oculus Rift worth US$1,000,000 sound to you as noted in the article “As competitors spring up, Oculus plans mobile VR contest”, published Feb. 25, 2015 - 11:00 AM PST Signe Brewster, Gigaom.

Oculus Rift, the company that CEO Brendan Iribe sold to Facebook back in March 2014 for US$2 billion as noted in my blog article entitled “Facebook buys Oculus Rift for US$2 billion - Facebook Social Virtual Reality Future as Smartwatches and smartglasses herald the death of the smartphone in 2015”, is doing exactly that.

They’re launching a Mobile VR Jam Competition with some US$1,000,000 in prizes and gifts on Wednesday February 25th, 2015 for develops to design apps for Samsung's Gear VR Virtual Reality headset as reported in the article “Oculus holds $1 million competition Mobile VR Jam 2015”, published February 25, 2015, by Lindsey Caldwell, SlashGear.

Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015 - Golden opportunity to enter VR and AR Heaven

The Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015 starts Monday April 13th 2015 and ends Monday May 11th 2015.

It is a part of Oculus push to generate interest among Developers in designing Games and Apps for the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition  as noted in the article “Oculus offers $1 million prize pool for Gear VR developers”, published by February 25th 2015 at 5:35 pm by Jessica Conditt, EnGadget.

This is the second time that Oculus is holding a VR Jam, with the last being back in 2013, when Darknet walked away with US$50,000 in top prize honours. That particular Developer is still making VR content as well as other gaming content, evidence enough that this isn't a fad, but a golden opportunity to be at the doorstep of VR and AR (Augmented Reality) Heaven.

A year on and they've upped the prize to US$1,000,000 in a mixture of cash and prizes that's split between two (2) broad categories:

1.      Games
2.      Apps

Within each category, somewhat like a 100 meter Race, winners will be chosen to win the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes. In each category, the Platinum winners will receive the following prizes:

1.      US$200,000 for the best VR game
2.      US$100,000 for the best VR App

The Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes are lower tier prizes with the Bronze prize winner picking up US$10,000.  But the publicity garnered by entering the competition is something very few Developers can finance, making entering the competition money than worthwhile.

Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015 - How Samsung is Gearing up for Competition in the VR Space

Oculus has licensed their VR technology to Samsung which they used to develope the Samsung Gear VR as noted in the article “Samsung's Gear VR is a portable Oculus Rift for the Galaxy Note 4”, published September 3, 2014 09:30 am by Dan Seifert, The Verge.

The Samsung Gear VR uses your existing Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a special App to bring you a wire free, immersive Reality experience akin to the Oculus Rift. The main problem though, typical of any new nascent multi-media product, is the lack of content.

Hence the Mobile VR Jam Competition to spark developer interest as Sony, Microsoft and now Google are in the running with their VR Headgear as reported in the article “The VR race: who's closest to making VR a reality?”, published Wednesday 11.02.2015 by JT Ripton and Lily Prasuethsut, TechRadar.

Samsung Gear VR Developer Edition competition - HTC and Valve debut HTC Vive Developer Edition

Now with MWC (Mobile World Conference) under way in Barcelona, Spain, the first salvo has been fired by HTC.

HTC is partnering with Streaming Game maker Steam and their Gaming System Valve as the content provider of Games to make the HTC Vive, their version of a Virtual Reality Headset as noted in the article “Valve's VR headset is called the Vive and it's made by HTC”, published March 1, 2015 By Dante D'Orazio and Vlad Savov, The Verge.

The HTC Vive Developer Edition uses two 1200 x 1080 displays with a 90 fps (frames per second) refresh rate. With jitter reduced, the HTC Vive Developer Edition is said to give you a 360-degree views.

Combined with a built in gyrosensor, accelerometer, and laser position sensor to track head movement, precise orientation of your physical location in space as where your head and eyes are pointing serve as inputs that Game Developers can use to make very immersive VR experiences.

But what may give the Samsung Gear VR a run for their money is that the HTC Vive Developer Edition comes packing a Steam VR base station, creating a virtual 15” by 15” space within which you can actually move around in instead of using controller. The Samsung Gear VR uses head movements combined with a controller, making the experience immersive, but no different from sitting on a couch playing a video Game.

The HTC Vive Developer Edition is somewhat reminiscent of the Microsoft Kinect, which is powered by 3D Motion Tracking Technology developed by Israeli based Primesense, a company that Apple eventually purchased back in July 2013 as noted in my blog article entitled “Apple buys Israeli-based Primesense that makes the Microsoft Kinect - Apple's Siri and Kinect Heralds of a coming world free of Remote Controls”.

So with the competition piling on and the VR space ripe for developement and possibly the next big thing in Gaming, entering the Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015 seems like the perfect way for any Game Developer interested in VR and AR to get their head in the Game!

Here's the link:

Saturday, February 28, 2015

US$436 @RadiumBLE Geiger-Muller Counter - How a Pancake Tube makes a Portable Geiger-Muller Radiation Detector

“When most people think of Geiger counters, they either think of the black boxes that are only used inside nuclear reactors or nuclear submarines to check for excessive radiation, or bulky devices that are both expensive and difficult to use. Radium tries to be different – after almost a year of research, our team completed the development of a next-generation device that aims to be affordable and extremely easy to use, without compromising the quality of the provided measurements.”

Amsterdam based Russian engineer Sergey Vladimirov Commenting on his recently kickstarted Radium Geiger Muller Counter

First there was a Consumer Physics US$199 SCiO Portable IR Spectrometer that ran a successful Kickstarter Campaign for a device that could identify virtually any complex chemical compound as noted in my blog article entitled “Consumer Physics US$199 SCiO Portable IR Spectrometer – Star Trek Tricorder that can scan the Molecular World”.

Now come yet another Kickstarter campaign for a detector, this time for a portable Geiger-Muller Counter aptly named Radium as described in the article “Radium: A compact radiation detector for a post-Fukushima world”, published February 24, 2015 By Drew Prindle, DigitalTrends.

Designed by Amsterdam based Russian engineer Sergey Vladimirov, he kickstarted his campaign on Wednesday February 18th 2015. As of the day of writing of Friday February 27th 2015, his campaign has amassed some eighty four (84) backers who have pledged some US$26,846.77 (€23,979).

With a goal of US$111,959.52 (€100,000), this project might just succeed, if it could pick up a little more pace. However, if and when it does succeed, expect this product to ship in early May 2015 to late June 2015 for US$486 (€389).

What makes his kickstarter so interesting is that the Radium Geiger-Muller Counter is portable enough top fit into your pocket. This is because the Radium has a pancake shaped Geiger-Muller Tube that enables it to detect alpha, beta, gamma and X-rays.

The results are then communicated via a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone as noted in the article “Radium Easy To Use Professional Geiger Counter Hits Kickstarter (video)” published February 20, 2015 By Julian Horsey, Geeky Gadgets.

With a May 2015 shipping date, perhaps this is the kickstarter you may be looking to support. When compared to the [price of those large, hefty Geiger-Muller counters, US$436 does sound like a fair price for a state-of-the-art Geiger-Muller Counter .

You can also purchase a Developer Kit to build your own implementation of the Radium Geiger-Muller Counter to be use in everything from Drones to portable Radiation Detectors at checkpoints in a factory. This project will be of interest to hobbyists and persons concerned about Radiation in their Food and I for one love this project to bits

Here's the Link