Thursday, November 27, 2014

US$189 Jolla Tablet - Jolla Smartphone Fans and Developers combined with Price and Specs Guarantee Success

Looks like we have another Tablet and smartphone OS sailing the highly competitive Seas of Consumers Mobile Computing Device!

This time it’s powered Crowdsourcing.

Introducing the Jolla Tablet that runs on Sailfish OS that surpassed its initial funding goal within two (2) hours of their Indiegogo campaign going live as reported in the article “Android rival Jolla hits crowdfunding target for first Sailfish OS Tablet”, published November 19, 2014 1:00 AM PST by Andrew Hoyle, CNET News.

The Jolla Tablet's Indiegogo campaign, which started on Wednesday November 19th 2014 and will culminate on Tuesday December 9th, 2014 (11:59pm PT), has already blown past the US$380,000 goal. With thirteen (13) days to go, 7,923 backers have already raised US$1,271,939 as of Thursday November 27th 2014. The Jolla Tablet's has certainly amassed quite a following!

Sailfish OS, the operating system that the Tablet runs on, promises not only to be Open Source but also bake in multi-tasking and the ability to run Android apps. Developers will love this Tablet, as the SailfishOS and be customized to their heart's desire.

The Jolla Tablet's support indicates that they have a strong following, which would reassure Developers hat choose to throw their funding dollars behind this venture that it's got baked-in users.

Best of all, based on the US$189 Jolla Tablet's Specs which are comparable to the Apple iPad Mini 3, it's set to expand beyond the confines of its 7,923 Indiegogo backers.

US$189 Jolla Tablet - Jolla Smartphone Fans and Developers combined with Price and specs guarantee success

There’s little to say here.

Sailfish OS first began swimming about in November 2013 on the Jolla smartphone that had limited release in Finland and Europe priced US$510 (€399), with many comparing it to the Nokia N9 at as stated in the article “Jolla prices first Sailfish OS smartphone at €399 for a 2013 launch” published May 20, 2013 05:37 am By Aaron Souppouris, The Verge.

Not surprising, as Finland is where the ex-Nokia founders of Jolla call home as noted in the article “Jolla: Ex-Nokia employees launch smartphone”, published 27 November 2013 Last updated at 13:38 GMT By Dave Lee, Technology reporter, BBC News.

So a Tablet almost a year later is kinda fast, suggesting that probably many of the 7,923 backers may actually be Developers of the Jolla smartphone who see huge potential in the Jolla Tablet.

Once their Indiegogo funding round is completed, the Jolla Tablets will retail in the following Countries through their suppliers:

1.      China
2.      Europe
3.      Hong Kong
4.      India
5.      Russia
6.      UK
7.      US of A

According to analyst IDC, Tablets aren't doing so well this year, with shipment growing only by 7.2% in 2014 compared to 52.5% in 2013, a very dramatic slowdown  as reported in the article “IDC: Tough year for Tablets, not as bad as thought for PCs”, published November 25, 2014 11:48 AM PST by Edward Moyer, CNET News.

Still, the specs, Price and built-in following thanks to their previous Jolla Smartphone and now their clearly successful Indiegogo Crowdfunding run for the US$189 Jolla Tablet guarantees that this Tablet will be a hit, both in Finland and the rest of the World!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

US$83 Million worth Amazon Fire smartphones being sold for US$199 unlocked - Amazon Downfall from US$199 to US$0.99 on 2-Year Contract in 2 Months

Looking for a smartphone deal this Black Friday and not too picky about the mode of the smartphone? Then I've got a treat for you. But first some helpful advice from CNET's Bridget Carey about Shopping Online this Black Friday as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “How to ship things to Jamaica after you’re purchase them online

Then head online to Amazon and buy the Amazon Fire smartphone for only US$199 unlocked as reported in the article “Amazon Fire Phone Gets Another Fire Sale: $199 Unlocked”, published November 26th 2014 by Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch.

What happened to the Amazon Fire smartphone? Short answer: low-end specs in a gimmicky, overpriced smartphone.

Amazon Fire smartphone - From Volksphone to Roasting in a Fire Sale

Apparently since the Amazon Fire smartphone launched back in June 2014 as reported in my blog article entitled “US$199 Amazon Fire smartphone is Amazon Prime member's Nirvana – Shopping by Nodding your Head and Finding Waldo”, much was expected of this smartphone tailor-made for Amazon Prime users.

I even went as far as to call it the Volksphone in my Geezam blog article entitled “Amazon Fire is a Volkswagen for Amazon Prime subscribers that’ll drive shop-on-the-go Online Obsession”.

It's features made impulsive shipping by taking photographs using Firefly and Dynamic Perspective apparently were too gimmicky for the Amazon Prime crowd and it's so-so specs of 4.7″ IPS screen, Quad-core 2.2GHz Processor with Adreno 330 graphics, 2GB of RAM, 13MP rear-facing camera with image stabilization and an f2.0 lens made the mainstream shun the smartphone.

Worse, it was cursed from the start as it was launched on AT&T on a 2 year contract for US$199.

Only on AT&T. Bad move Amazon!

US$83 million worth of unsold Amazon Fire - US$199 to US$0.99 on 2-year Contract in 2 months

Within two (2) months, Amazon had to drop the price for this ordinary smartphone from US$199 to US0.99 on 2-year Contract in 2 months.

“Fire Sale” are the words that best describe this phenomenon. but when it became apparent that Americans weren't feeling the smartphone when during the Amazon Earnings Call on Thursday October 23, 2014, it was revealed that for the Third Quarter of 2014, Amazon had US$83 million dollars worth of unsold Amazon Fire smartphones as noted in the article “Amazon Fire Phone Flops”, published Oct 23, 2014 by Greg Kumparak, TechCrunch.

Amazon’s SVP of Devices David Limp told Fortune Magazine it was a miscalculation in pricing in the article “Amazon exec: We priced the Fire phone wrong”, published OCTOBER 30, 2014, 6:25 PM EST by JP Mangalindan, Fortune.

He claimed that Amazon were committed to the Amazon Fire Smartphone for the long haul as stated in the article “Amazon’s Fire Phone Product Efforts Will Continue Despite Early Stumbles”, published Oct 31, 2014 by Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch.

So as Black Friday approaches, it's clear they cannot sell off US$83 million dollars worth of unsold Amazon Fire on AT&T alone….T-Mobile has to come to their rescue. So expect to see the US$0.99 Amazon Fire smartphone get a software upgrade to Google Android KitKat to capture more Amazon Prime the Year of the Sheep 2015.

Island Traffic Authority Charging for Services - Road Traffic Act Backs as ITA HD CCTV Cameras, Rear-View Cameras, JDF, JCF Special License Plates Coming

“We have found that the number of requests made in several of these categories have put the Authority in a position where it will no longer be feasible to provide these services without some level of cost recovery. Services such as Garage/Estate Visits are time-consuming and costly exercises for the Authority,”

Director of the ITA, Ludlow Powell on the idea of the ITA (Island Traffic Authority) charging for its services

The Island Traffic Authority is soon to become an enshrined part of the Road Traffic Act once amendments to the same are completed by December 2014 as I’d predicted in my blog article entitled “Island Traffic Authority to be part of the Road Traffic Act - How HD CCTV Cameras and Rear-View Cameras reduce Vehicles fatalities”.

So it comes as no surprise that the Island Traffic Authority is now charging for previously free Services as reported in the article “Traffic Authority starts charging fees for services”, published Tuesday, November 25, 2014 4:52 PM, The Jamaica Observer.

They’ve been considering it for some time, having footed the bill to provide most of its services free of cost, to quote Director of the ITA, Ludlow Powell: “For a long time, the Authority has grappled with the idea of charging for many of the services it provides to the public but a decision on the matter has had to be deferred until a proper analysis of the situation could be done”.

And what are those planned charges? After consultation with the Ministry of Finance, the ITA's arrived at the following charge regime:

1.      JA$10,000 Engravement 
2.      JA$12,000 Verification of Year of Manufacture
3.      JA$15,000 Garage/Estate Visit for up to ten (10) Vehicles
4.      JA$2,500 Special Permits Processing Fee
5.      JA$20,000 Structural Verification of Integrity
6.      JA$3,000 Driving History and Substitute License
7.      JA$500 for every additional Vehicle beyond ten (10) Vehicles for a Garage/Estate Visit 
8.      JA$7,000 Chassis Verification
9.      JA$7,000 Customs Verification 
10.  JA$7,000 Insurance requests 

Road Traffic Act, Police and Soldiers - Special License plates and Regular Fitness coming

Interestingly too, as part of the amendments of the Road Traffic Act, the thorny issues of JDF (Jamaica Defense Force) and JCF (Jamaica Constabulary Force) aka the Jamaican Police being legally able to drive Vehicle without License Plates issued by the Tax Administration of Jamaica is now being looked at as stated in the article “Joint Select Committee Looks Into Non Registration Of JCF Vehicles”, Published Thursday October 9, 2014, The Jamaica Gleaner.

This as currently, the JCF do not take their Vehicles in for Fitness and Registration and basically drive around scot-free among civilians on Jamaican Roads, making taking them to the RM (Resident Magistrate) Court in the event of a Traffic Accident a nearly impossible affair.

Like the JCF, they merely have a nameplate affixed to their Vehicles that identify the Division from which the Vehicle originated and their Vehicle Pool. Thus motorists aren't able to identify the Vehicle in the event of an accident and cannot claim motor Vehicle insurance.

That is, unless they had the presence of mind to have a dashboard Camera installed, had their smartphone running to capture the incident on their smartphone or had an ICWI (Insurance Company of the West Indies) Policy App to take a photo of the Vehicle in question as noted in the Geezam blog article entitled “ICWI Jamaica Launches Accident Alert BlackBerry App”.

Road Traffic Act and Driver’s License Exams - Anybody can take the Exam but ITA needs to stamp out corruption

The committee has also removed the intended amendment to the Road Traffic Act to make it mandatory that persons planning to take the exams at the ITA to obtain their Driver’s License had to have gone to a registered and licensed driving institution as stated in the article “Committee Removes Driving School Provision To Obtain Licences”, Published Thursday October 23, 2014, The Jamaica Gleaner.

This provision would have extended to Motorcycle riders, which currently cannot carry a pillion Rider if they only have a learner's, making teaching them how to ride a Motorcycle a tad difficult.

Member of the Road Traffic Act Joint Select Committee Fitz Jackson and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport, Audrey Sewell apparently dislike this amendment as both of them chimed in to state that going to a registered and licensed driving institution should be an option, as Jamaica and the rest of the World have always upheld the tradition of being taught how to drive by their Family or peers.

The focus should be placed on the ITA's Driving Exams to weed out those who aren't able to drive and stamp out the incidence of people paying for Driver's licenses and producing more competent driers.

Since the net effect is safer roads and a reduction of Road Fatalities, then I’m all for it, personally!

ITA and Road Traffic Act - HD CCTV Cameras, Rear-View Cameras, Radar and Sound Generators for Electric Motorcycles

I hope too they'll also include amendments in the Road Traffic Act that state that it be mandatory that Vehicles be fitted with Rear-view Cameras as stated in my blog article entitled “Island Traffic Authority to be part of the Road Traffic Act - How HD CCTV Cameras and Rear-View Cameras reduce Vehicles fatalities

Ditto too motorcycles and bicycles be fitted with Radar or Lidar based Technology such as BackTracker to detect Rear Collisions and regulation governing Electric Motorcycles as it relates to their quietness and having them fitted with Noise Generators be put in place as opined in my blog article entitled “Electric Bicycles and Motorcycles next Big Jamaican trend by Christmas 2014 - How Backtracker and Rear View Cameras in the Road Traffic Act can help

You can barely hear Electric Motorcycles Behind you, so there is need for Regulations in the Road Traffic Act to guard against Rear Collisions by making these necessary adjustments to the Road Traffic Act. 2015 is the year of the Sheep.

Apparently the Minister of Transport and Worlds Dr. Omar Davies is getting the shearer ready to trim down incidents of Road fatalities by giving the ITA more power through theses still-to-be-fully-worked-out amendments to the Road Traffic Act.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jamaican Broadcasters and Disaster Risk Management Act – JA$200,000 Fine for National Alert System as Increased Travel means Ebola and Chikungunya Virus coming this Christmas

Apparently, they can be fined JA$200,000 in a Resident Magistrate's Court, under the Disaster Risk Management Act for not immediately broadcasting certain News releases or Dispatches from the ODPEM (Office of Disaster Management and Emergency Management) as stated in the article “'Emergency' Fines For Broadcasters”, Published Sunday November 16, 2014, The Jamaica Gleaner.

This new Disaster Risk Management Act cleared the House of Representatives in October 2014 and was passed into law by the Senate with eight (8) amendments. Once the Governor-General's John Hancock goes on the Bill, it becomes Law.

This means that Broadcasters, particularly Radio and Television, will be required to immediately broadcast any News releases or Dispatches from the ODPEM (Office of Disaster Management and Emergency Management) once it's designated as “urgent” or “emergency”.

The speed of the implementation suggests that the GOJ is worried about a potential Ebola Outbreak as Travelers coming to Jamaica increase for Christmas as noted in the article “Health Ministry Prepares For Xmas Ebola Threat”, Published Sunday November 23, 2014, The Jamaica Gleaner and “Ebola surveillance may cause airport delays — Ferguson”, published Sunday, November 23, 2014 2:52 PM, The Jamaica Observer.

Not to mention the fact that Jamaica hasn’t yet reached 60% infected for the Chikungunya Virus Infection to peak as predicted by Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Kevin Harvey as I'd mentioned in my blog article entitled “Minister of Health comes clean on Chikungunya Virus Epidemic - 35 Official Cases as 60 percent possibly Infected and Medicines running low”, as clearly, we’re not prepared.

Which suggests that if the Ebola Virus were to come to Jamaica, to run its course, we might see 60% of the population infected before enough Serum could be made to inoculate the rest of the Jamaica as opined in my blog article entitled “No Ebola Virus in Jamaica, claims Ministry of Health - 3,091 Dead in West Africa and how 60% of Jamaica's population can die from Ebola”.

Broadcasters and the Disaster Risk Management Act – Ebola This Christmas means National Alert System Needed

Preceding and ending the Broadcast must be a National Alert Tone if requested by ODPEM and those News releases or Dispatches from the ODPEM have to be read in their entirety. Interestingly, the News releases or Dispatches from the ODPEM are NOT going to be read by the Presenters at the Radio or Television Station.

Rather, what will happen is that during the event that an Emergency Broadcast from the ODPEM needs to be made, it will be read in its entirety from a National Emergency Operations Centre, which is basically a Broadcast Center that's controlled by the Government of Jamaica.

Basically, it'll be like an outside Broadcast type of setup; whenever an Emergency Broadcast is to be made, the Radio or Television Station is contacted and immediately the Broadcaster hands over access to their Radio and Television channels to the National Emergency Operations Centre.

Then the National Alert Tone is sounded, the News releases or Dispatches from the ODPEM are read, and then the broadcast ends with the National Alert Tone. At the end of that final National Alert Tone, the Broadcaster then retires back to regular Programming.

Refusal of the access to immediately and simultaneously broadcast News releases or Dispatches from the ODPEM on all Radio and Television Stations is what will attract a fine of JA$200,000 by a Resident Magistrate.

National Alert System needed – Increased Travel means Ebola and Chikungunya Virus coming this Christmas

There is also a need for a National Siren System i.e. like Air Raid Sirens in Public places. Jamaicans would be alerted via these sirens of imminent Natural Disasters such as hurricanes earthquakes and conceivably Tsunamis a I'd predicted in my blog article entitled “Tsunami watch needed urgently for real this time”.

All of these above mentioned systems i.e. the National Alert Tone, National Emergency Operations Centre and the National Siren System are a part of the National Alert System which is needed for Emergency Broadcast, whether the Broadcasters like it or not.

The National Alert System is needed, whether or not Ebola is coming to Jamaica this Christmas or not as predicted in my blog article entitled “Trinidad PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar's CARICOM Meeting - Preventing Caribbean Chikungunya Virus and Ebola Virus Epidemic by Christmas 2014”!

My only confusion is that the fine is less than Payola. Then again that may have to be amended before the Governor-General signs the document.

Monday, November 24, 2014

US$299.95 Solo2 Wireless coming November 2014 - US$249.95 Hello Kitty Solo2 and US$149.95 Hello Kitty UrBeats launches as Beats Audio coming to iOS 8.0

Fans of Hello Kitty who’ve been waiting to get their paws....or mittens on the Hello Kitty Solo2 Blue and the Hello Kitty UrBeats as reported in my blog article entitled “US$249.95 Hello Kitty Solo2 Blue and US$149.95 Hello Kitty UrBeats - Hello Kitty x Beats headphones Collection to debut Worldwide in November 2014”, the wait is over!

The US$249.95 Hello Kitty Solo2 Blue and US$149.95 Hello Kitty UrBeats went on sale on Wednesday November 19th 2014 as per this post on their Facebook Page that gave a link to the Hello Kitty Solo2 Blue and the Hello Kitty UrBeats.

Interestingly, a few days prior, Beats by Dr. Dre launched the US$299.95 Solo2 Wireless headphones that stream your music via Bluetooth from your smartphone or other MP3 Player as stated in the article “Beats debuts Solo2 Wireless, $299.95 on-ear Bluetooth headphone”, published  November 12, 2014 5:16 PM PST by David Carnoy, CNET Reviews.

Like the US$249.95 Hello Kitty Solo2 Blue, the US$299.95 Solo2 Wireless headphones are an on-ear Headphone that's shipping later in November 2014. No word if it'll come with Noise Cancelling tech that'll put it on par with the over-the-ear US$299.99 Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Headphones as described in my blog article entitled “US$299.99 Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Headphones - Why the QC25 improves on the QC15 despite no Inductive Rechargeable Battery”.

US$299.95 Solo2 Wireless coming in November 2014 - Bluetooth Tech as Apple bakes Beats Audio into Apple iOS 8.0

At least it'll have Bluetooth Tech that works from 30 feet away with the capability to answer phone call and an included cable should the rechargeable batteries run out of power. This new product is very similar to their over-the ear US$379 Beats Studio Wireless headphones as described in the article “Beats Studio Wireless Headphones review: A pricey Bluetooth headphone with premium sound”, published March 26, 2014 by David Carnoy, CNET Reviews.

A move to Bluetooth is a signal that Beats by Dr. Dre, in their final product is embracing Wireless point-to-point Device streaming.

Quite fitting coincidence, as Apple has plans to make Beats Music Streaming Service a Native App baked into Apple's latest update of Apple iOS 8.0 as reported in “Apple to push Beats to all iPhones according to FT”, published 20 November 2014 Last updated at 15:45 GMT, BBC News and “Apple said to be embedding Beats music service into iOS”, published November 19, 2014 10:58 AM PST by Roger Cheng and Joan E. Solsman, CNET News.

Just in time for the Christmas holidays and Black Friday, coming up this Friday November 28th 2014!

So whether you get the US$299.95 Solo2 Wireless headphones, US$249.95 Hello Kitty Solo2 Blue or US$149.95 Hello Kitty UrBeats, you'll probably be Streaming Music from Beats Audio this Christmas.

That is, if you hadn't already invested in a HD Audio player like the US$1,249 Cowon Plenue 1 as described in my blog article entitled “US$1,249 Cowon Plenue 1 - The Rolls Royce of HD Audio Players defines High End Music with Sony Walkman NWXZ-ZX1 as Christmas Competition”, as HD music is gonna be a big trend come 2015, the Year of the Sheep!

Here's the link to get these great Headphones:


£1 Million Pounds to give Tower Bridge Glass Walkway - Europe Catches American love for dizzying heights may spread to Saudi Arabia and Asia

Glass Walkways seem to be the thing these days.

Probably explains why one is already in  the Tower Bridge, a 120-year-old crossing over the River Thames, finally decided to have one installed as declared in the “Glass Walkway offers breathtaking views from London's Tower Bridge”, published November 11, 2014 By Barry Neild, CNN.

This Glass bottom Walkway joins the Grand Canyon and Chicago's Willis Tower in the US of A.

The Europeans, not to be outdone, had one installed in the Eiffel Tower in Paris as reported in “Eiffel Tower gets dizzying glass floor”, published Mon October 13, 2014 12:55 PM EDT By Barry Neild, CNN.

At 42 m (138") high and costing some £1 million pounds, it's a dizzying drop that's not for the faint of heart. A second is to been installed at the East end of London Bridge by Monday December 1st 2014 and represents the first structural upgrade to London Bridge since the 80's.

It's an added attraction for the city of London and is going well for London Bridge, which on average attracts some 600,000 visitors daily.

Here's a video showing what it's like to walk on the Glass Walkway of the Tower Bridge.

Monday December 1st 2014 is only a week away before the next Glass Walkway is installed on the London Bridge! It'll be interesting to see which structures, possibly in Saudi Arabia or East Asia i.e. Japan or China, will be next to incorporate this marvel of architectural wizardry that's not much different from a Glass Bottom Boat!

Skype for Web Beta allows Skype Calling in Google Chrome - Skype for Business replaces Lync as Skype for Web Beta finally allows Chromebooks to use Skype

Great news for Skype users who use Lync at work but love Skype anyway! Microsoft is finally killing off Lync.

However, it’s not a total homicide; Microsoft will merge the easy to use features of Skype with Lync and thus rebrand Lync as Skype for Business in the First Quarter of 2015 as stated in the article “Microsoft kills Lync name in favor of Skype for Business”, published Nov 11, 2014 6:00 AM by Mark Hachman, PC World.

Skype for Business will have your Lync features in a Skype-like interface that you’ve come to known and love. Good to note I’d predicted this back in November 2012 around the same time news had trickled out that Skype was set to replace Messenger as noted in my blog article entitled “Microsoft replacing Messenger with Skype by First Quarter of 2013AD - A Solid Pitch Perfect (2012) Tablet and Smartphone Ecosystem for the Corporate Road Warriors”.

Sky is and still remains one of Microsoft’s best acquisitions to date. Its replacement of Messenger in 2013 and now Lync in 2015 proves its worth.

Now it’s got yet another surprise up its sleeve; it’s coming to the Browser in the form of Skype for Web Beta as stated in “Microsoft starts rolling out Skype for Web beta”, published November 14, 2014 -- 15:01 GMT (07:01 PST), by Mary Jo Foley, ZDNET.

Skype replaces Lync – Skype for Web Beta rolls out allowing Google Chromebooks to use Skype

Microsoft has now adopted the ORTC API for Web RTC (Real Time Communications) Protocol, the HTML support for VoIP Communications on the Internet, allowing Skype to be used without the need to download a plugin as announced in a Blog post on their Skype blog entitled “Bringing Interoperable Real-Time Communications to the Web”, published 10/27/2014 by Garage & Updates by Senthil Velayutham, Skype Blog.

Skype for Web Beta differs slightly from the update in March 2014 to the Skype Plugin that allowed you to initiate a Skype call from within your Chrome Browser as described in my blog article entitled “Skype-ing from your Browser now possible as WhatsApp conspires to kill International Calling”.

Skype for Web Beta, with the adoption of ORTC API for Web RTC (Real Time Communications) Protocol, eliminates the need for annoying downloads of their cumbersome Plugin. Instead, it'll be baked into your favorite Browser, be it Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome of Microsoft's own Internet Explorer. You'll just go to a Web interface for Skype just like you currently do for Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft OneDrive, login and start skyping.

Chromebook users must also rejoice, as it's a final solution for them living without Skype. In fact, it might be one more reason to get a Google Chromebook, now on their way to triple their less than 1% of the PC market come 2017 as stated in my blog article entitled “Chromebooks Sales to Triple by 2017 – How Rapid Sales Heaven for PC Makers means Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 under attack”.

I'm pretty excited about Skype for Web Beta and I’m especially excited by the idea that you'll be able to make Group Calls for free in your Browser, a feature Skype had rolled out in April 2014 as explained in my blog article entitled ”How to make a Free Group Call in Skype – Google+ officially a Ghost Town Again as Microsoft gears up for WhatsApp free VoIP Calling in June 2014”.

Here's the link: